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Whatsapp is a popular messaging platform. The application is available on iOS and Android smartphones. It is an easy to use app used by the majority of the world’s population. It has received over 5 billion downloads across all platforms. The app is a standard of online messaging these days. In many regions, there are low scale internet phones created just to run WhatsApp. The free messaging service resonates with users around the world. 

Whats app games

Whatsapp is the go-to application for all of us as we are stuck at home. It is helping us stay connected with friends and family during the quarantine. Let’s talk about some popular games that we can play on WhatsApp. The dare games are top-rated among the masses.

Best WhatsApp Dare Games in 2021:

In this article, we are going to provide you with some fantastic messaging games of that genre. 

Whatsapp Dare Games for crush:

Whatsapp dare games are an excellent way to start a conversation. It is a fantastic ice breaker and can lead to fun messages. Every guy has faced trouble initiating the conversation at some point or the other. This type of game is the best bet for you. It will help to set the mood and tone of the conversation. 

Dare games for crush

These games can help you hit it up with your crush. The sender is going to be in complete control of the flow of dialogue. It is the perfect game for people who spend most of their time online. The quarantine is the right time to shoot your shot. Your love story would have a fantastic beginning. 

Number Based Dare Games:

Number based dare

Send a set of random numbers to your contact. Ask them to choose any one set of numbers to get an answer. These games are more comfortable to resonate with a wide variety of people. It is a fun ice breaker for making new friends online. Anyone can play this game because it appeals to a broad audience. The overall popularity of this game is quite high. The sender gives you a set of random numbers. These numbers can have a hidden meaning. Overall it is a fun online game to play when you are bored. It works well with random people; however, you can also try it with friends. 

Alphabet Based Dare Games:

These games are a call in for a surprise. Put this on your WhatsApp story so people will reply. The responder will send you an alphabet from A-Z. You can make your responses or choose the answers from here. This type of game is flying off the charts with WhatsApp users. It is all about making people do online dares. It is a fun way to interact with your friends. You can rekindle some lost friendships. 

Alphabet based dare game

The game gives you a premise to have conversations with your friends. In this time of quarantine, many of us might be facing trouble communicating. It can be a fantastic way to start a conversation. 

Guess the movie:

Guess the movie dare

Guess the movie is another classic WhatsApp game. The emoticons will represent the latest movies. It is popular among the youth who stay updated with pop culture. You will be given a set of emojis, and you have to guess all of them. It is a great game to check if you are up to date with the latest buzz in the town. If you miss out on a few answers, it is always a good idea to binge on the movies you missed. It is a great way to discuss your shared interests with friends. You can also ask for new recommendations and increase your watch list. The quarantine has got us all bored anyway. 

Choose a number – Whatsapp dare games:

This type of dare game has been around for a while. The number of dares is a great way to start a conversation. Users can put this up on their stories to get replies from their close ones. People have to choose a number from the given range. The game can be an excellent way to reconnect with all of your old friends. There are dare responses ready for every name. 

Choose a number dare

Anyone can personalize the dares according to their own choice. It is a great ice breaker to start new friendships. You can have a lot of fun conversations over this dare game. Give it a go if you are bored and want to talk to a lot of people. 

Choose an emoji:

Choose an emoji dare

This game is based on the same premise as choosing a number. The viewers have to select an emoticon to get a reply. The responses are already set according to your choice. It is an excellent way to get approvals from your friends. You can also spice it up by adding dares to the emojis. People love this game because of its simplicity. It can be played by anyone and on any platform. Put up the dare as a story or forward it to random groups. It will help you get the most responses. People who want to talk to you will directly message. 

Whatsapp dare games for close friends:

dare for close friends

Whatsapp is the best place to stay connected with your friends. Dare games can be an excellent way to check your friendship. It is a fun way to relive some memories. Especially during this time of quarantine, everyone is away from their friends. It will be an excellent way to start a nostalgic conversation. This game is meant for only close friends. There are many games which help you realize how close you are with your friends. We recommend that you send this to a limited number of contacts. Also, it is just a game, so don’t get disappointed if you don’t get the answers you expect. Try it out today to get a blast from the past. 

Pick a color dare:

Pick a colour dare

This classic Whatsapp dare has been around for a while. It has remained a part of the eternal WhatsApp forwards. In this dare, the viewer has to select a color from the given choices. The sender will provide you with a list of dares, and you have to do the one corresponding to your preference. It is a game that never gets old. You can always work on the options and customize them. It is prevalent among girls Whatsapp groups. Try it out to initiate conversations with your friends. 


WhatsApp dare games are an excellent way to connect with your friends. During this quarantine, we are all losing our sanity. These games are an easy way of socializing with friends and family. Send messages to all of your groups and get connected. With this article, we aimed at providing you with ideas for making your own WhatsApp games. The themes make it easy to set a premise for your own dare game. You can even replicate our WhatsApp games. Happy Socializing! 

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