How to Download iMessage on Windows 10?

Hey, are you a technophile? Then today I am going to discuss a topic that is most relevant and frequently asked. Many of us want to know that how can we use one of the most popular messaging applications; iMessage through Windows 10. Let’s see about something on iMessage. First of all, we need to know what iMessage is.

Brief Information Of iMessage:

IMessage is a free application provided by Apple which allows its iOS users to send free text messages through the internet. When you send a text message to someone via iMessage, its messaging app will try to recognize the recipient. If the respective recipient of that particular message has an iOS supporting device then he gets the message as iMessage format. Otherwise, if the recipient hasn’t iOS supporting device then he receives the messages as a regular format.

Users can easily differentiate the messages sent through iMessage, as the replies of the messages appear in a blue-colored bubble as general Messages app’s standard green bubbles. Its users can able to send an unlimited number of free messages via iMessage-supported devices. Besides, you can able to send photos, web links, locations, contacts, and other items through iMessage.

iMessage Features For Windows 10:

Texting and iMessage both are common ways by which you can send messages through tablets, phones and some other devices. The text messages generally require a connection provider’s plan, while iMessage requires data usage of internet connection. You can get some features provided by Apple incorporation and those are:

  • If you’re an iMessage user from your windows10, then you can able to add some effects on the text messages. Bubble effect is a special kind of effect by which you can animate your entire messages with some different expressions.
  • You can also animate your screen with the help of spotlight, echo and some other attractive effect.
  • Not only that, iMessage provides you to send messages with enabling camera effects. You can easily share a photo or video with Memoji, Animoji, fun stickers, texts, and some others with your friends through iMessage application.
  • By using iMessage on your Windows application system you can create groups for gossips via the popular group chats option.
  • It is more surprising to you that you can send your handwritten messages by using iMessage. Your friends or family members can astonish by receiving such type of message.

iMessage For Windows 10: Download & Install Guide

On the very first days, iMessage was only available on Apple’s gadgets but it is great news if you want to use this application on your Personal computer. If your PC runs through Windows 10 then you can easily download iMessage from the official website and install it like any other Windows application.  Apple has redesigned the iMessage application for support in all kinds of modern Windows operating systems including Windows 10 too. This application can be downloaded directly without any cost and installed in your Windows system without facing any haze at all.

Following a few steps, you can able to download and install iMessage for your Windows 10 operating system.

#Chrome Remote Method #

1st step: First of all you need to open the Chrome Browser on your PC and Chrome Browser app store from your Mac Computer.

2nd step: Now click on the “Add to Chrome” option and wait for completing 100% download. Once the download is complete then you can install it as directed.

3rd step: After installing you will see an option on your screen for Launch App. Click on it.

4th step: Now you need to go to your Mac computer and download “Chrome Remote Desktop” as a host installer.

5th step: Now you need to create an id and set password for utilizing the features on your Mac computer.

6th step: now you go to your PC. Look at the Remote Mac. Click on that option and start sharing the screen from your Mac device and enjoy the services.

How can you use iMessage on your Windows PC?

iMessage is very easy to use and similar to any other messaging application. Only you need to generate it on your computer instead of your smartphones.

Now you need to follow how to generate the application

  • Open the iMessage application on your system.
  • Using your Apple id you need your login along with the password.
  • Now you need to log in to the application with existing id.
  • Click the create button and write a phone number to send the message.
  • You can attach any file, images and videos along with your messages.
  • Type your message as per your choice and click on the send button.
  • If the sending keys turn blue it denotes your message has been sent to an existing iMessage user.

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