How to Use Internet Explorer on Mac?

All the mac users have their personalized browser Safari that is launched by Mac itself, Internet Explorer is the windows browser made by Microsoft that gives you access to a particular web service or website. It is very late to realize that there is no internet explorer in Mac by default now. Earlier, all Mac had internet browsers as their default browser, till then it changed.

Internet explorer for Mac

Now, you cannot download internet explorer directly on your Mac. But don’t worry we will definitely give you an alternative method to use internet explorer on Mac and have all the updated features of it.

Internet Explorer For MAC: Download Guide

There can be multiple reasons to use internet explorer on Mac, whatever the reason is. Requirements for Running Internet Explorer on Mac. Since Mac does not support internet explorer directly, you have to keep few things in your mind to start downloading internet Explorer. For better performance, you need high-speed Internet access Having a Microsoft account is mandatory for proceeding. Download remote desktop for Mac from the app store in Mac. After this, you are ready to setup.

Steps to Install Internet Explorer on MAC:

The remote desktop by Microsoft for Mac is compatible with internet explorer, and it is quite easy to set it up on your Mac.

  • Subscribe to modern IE service with your Microsoft account.
  • Enter your details. And then you will receive a mail that says, “You can start using Remote IE right now!”
  • Now launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.
  • Now, log in with your Microsoft account details in Azure Remote App
  • Double click on start with internet explorer. You can see IE on your desktop.
    internet explorer 7 for Mac OS X
  • Now, you have IE with all the features.

With Internet Explorer tech preview, you can have all the new features of Internet explorer updated automatically in your Mac. And you get full access to all the developer tools of IE in case you have to troubleshoot any significant issue.

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