Fun Games to Play Over FaceTime, Zoom & Skype

A time always arrives when there’s a separation from your loved ones. This could be due to distance isolation, disability, or even social distancing. Fortunately, we are living in a day and a time when there’s high technology that enables people to talk, interact, and communicate.

Fun games to play over video call

Whether it’s Facetime, Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts–– video conferencing is not only being used for business purposes. Have you ever thought of things to do on the video call when you hang out with friends or family? Well, there are a range of games to play on Facetime and other online apps in addition to calling and video chatting.

Amazing Fun Games to Play Over FaceTime, Zoom & Skype:

There are numerous games that you could play with people over FaceTime or Skype or whatever video chatting service you want.  Below is a list of those games and activities. Instead of leaning into technology, the list contains games that involve your presence to the fullest.

1. What Am I Saying?

What Am I Saying?

The game is also called Read My Lips. It is one of the best Facetime games for couples in particular. If you wish to win, this game requires the best of your concentration. Each of the participants on a Facetime call would only mouth a word or a phrase about their partner. The other person must correctly decipher what their counterpart has been saying.

Playing on Facetime or Skype, it is one of the most enjoyable games to play. Yet be careful. Don’t utter anything that could start a fight because if you do, be ready for a lecture and some futile attempts to persuade someone otherwise.

2. Social Distancing Chess

Social Distancing Chess

Chess is a game that needs no introduction.  The atmosphere that sets in as the seconds’ tick down the clock is one of its kind. Although you’re now separated from friends and family, you still can test your mental strength.

If you and the person you’re chatting with both have a chessboard, you can play together by loudly instructing them to move your chess piece when it’s your turn. To do this, you will need to read the letter and the corresponding square number to which you transferred your piece.

3. The Word for a Word

The Word for a Word

Word After Word is an ideal game if you want to know your friends’ inner feelings while having fun. The gameplay is relatively basic. One of the players starts by saying a word, and in a second, the others must quickly come up with a related word. For instance, if you say, teacher, the next player should say student or any relevant term, and the chain goes on.

If any player fumbles while saying a word, it means they are disturbed by something about that Word. Word After Word is one of the best Facetime games to watch, and also a perfect way to get to know your friends better.

4. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever challenge

Make social distancing enjoyable by playing “Never Have I Ever.”‘ It is one of the funniest games to play on video calls, and it’s just an exercise to pull out the most entertaining, dumbest, and strangest edition!

Every person on the call has a drink in his or her pocket. Then, fortuitously, every player has to make a statement and if the other participants have to tell whether they have done it or not. If other players did this kind of thing, they’d have a sip of the drink. The drinking part doesn’t imply alcohol consumption. You can keep any drink or even a food or action item.

5. Complete A Story

Complete A Story

What to do on video conferencing when you can speak to others who are thinking? Well, turn your speaking skills into a game because this will undoubtedly cater to the imaginative geeks who enjoy storytelling. Complete A Story is an excellent game to participate and have some fun if you’re away from your friends, family, or your better half!

The game begins with a random line starting at each of you. The other person then needs to add his line, and the loop continues until and unless you have a sweet story at hand. Complete A Tale is a perfect game having a blast with four players, and a minimum of two players are needed.

6. Recognize the Movie By Their Dialogues

Guess the Movie

The game demands you to spill out the lines, and the other participants have limited time to guess that movie. You can carry on for hours in Guess The Movie and Lines without getting bored, and test each other’s knowledge of the latest and retro flicks.

If there are enough players available, this game can also be played in teams. In that game, you can send hints about a specific statement or dialogue, and your opponent must correctly guess that.


When the times are testing, even the smallest recreational activities hold high values. You can enjoy yourself with your family, your friends or anyone whom you like to play with. In the same activity, you can also get to know new people when they join the video call via reference.

There are a lot of games to play on Facetime or Skype, which can keep you engaged with your friends or family members for hours. Truth, dare, and situation, Read My Lips, or Two Truths One Lie are some great games that will help you spend time with your friends and stay connected. You can pick them all over a single conference as well.

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