How to Download Shareit for PC?

Shareit is a fantastic software which enables users to share files wirelessly. It is the perfect tool for today’s rapid fast generation. The software makes it easy for us to connect seamlessly. Shareit is a Chinese company founded in 2015. They have developed quality software for consumer needs. 

Shareit for PC

The file-sharing platform is available on Android, iOS, and PC devices. Users can utilize the platform to share files, pictures, videos, music, and much more. The software has completely changed the way we transfer data among devices. Our goal is to use the shareit application on PC devices. Today we will be talking about Shareit for PC. This guide will cover all the necessary information which is required to run the app. 

How to Get Shareit for PC?

Shareit is available on the PC platform. It is available on both Windows and macOS devices. We will talk about both the operating systems. Shareit is a must-have for PC users who are active on their phones. The seamless transfer between the two unique formats of devices is impressive. It is never seen before technology that the app brings on our devices. Users can wirelessly transfer the data among different devices. Use the Shareit app to utilize your online potential. 

Steps to Download Shareit for Windows:

Shareit is available for Windows devices. The latest Windows 10 operating system supports Shareit. Users with older versions like Windows 8.1, 8, and 7 can run the app. The software can be downloaded effectively if you follow our guide. Here are the steps to download the app. 

  • On your Windows device, start the browser. Visit the following link – It will take you to the official shareit website. 
  • The official shareit website has all the download files. You will find the EXE file for your Windows devices here. Click on the download button to get the data on your PC.


  • Run the downloaded file on your computer. It will start the installation process for shareit on your Windows machine. Accept the terms and conditions to begin the install quickly.
    accept shareit conditions
  • After the installation is complete, you can quickly start the app. Users can now seamlessly transfer files wirelessly. It is perfect for all kinds of file sharing.
    shareit v4.0

Enjoy wireless connectivity with the shareit software. Your PC can now connect with any Android, iOS, or computer device without any wires. Use this quick connection to save time. It removes the need for any cables or intermediates. Now you can forget about using pen drives for transferring data. 

Download Shareit for macOS:

Shareit app is also available on Mac devices. Users can easily install the software from their official site. 

  • The sharing service will work on Mac OS X 10.0 and higher devices. Here is our guide to download the Shareit app on your macOS devices.


  • Start the macOS browser on your computer. Visit the link – to go to the official download website. Here you will find all the installation files.
    install shareit for mac
  • Scroll down to find the macOS installation file. Download the DMG file format document to install it on your Mac devices. 
  • Users need to install the software on the macOS devices using the DMG file. You can run the installation. Transfer the DMG file to the Applications folder. 

Voila! Now you can start transferring files to and from your macOS devices. It will help you wirelessly pair with any device nearby. 

How to transfer files using Shareit for PC?

Transferring files is the main task of the freemium software. It is known to connect with any device wirelessly and doesn’t require active internet. No internet use transfer is the best feature of the software. The cross-platform sharing service is quite beneficial in many scenarios. Instead of using Bluetooth or NFC, the app makes use of local WiFi. It helps you instantly connect with any device. You need to be connected to the same WiFi connection to transfer files seamlessly. Users can also create a hotspot from their phones to communicate with machines. 

You don’t need to have access to the internet for transferring files. The Shareit app takes advantage of the wireless connectivity to share. Users can effectively share documents without using cables anymore. Follow the given below guide to transfer data among your devices quickly. In this guide, we will transfer files between a Windows PC and an Android phone. It will help showcase the cross connectivity between the two platforms. Here are the steps –  

  • Start the Shareit software on your PC device. It will instantly take you to the connecting page. Here you will find minor details about your computer. These details will help you find your device on the smartphone.
    shareit v4.0
  • Run the application on your Android or iOS device. You can also connect two computers connected with the same WiFi.
    start Shareit
  • On the shareit app for smartphones, you will find the connection to the PC option. Click on the square box at the top right corner. It will take you to the page where you will find different connecting options. 
  • Users need to click on the display QR code option in the shareit app from their PC. It will make the job easier for users.
    connect Shareit to PC
  • For first time use, you will require to scan a code on your phone. You can connect if you are on the same network by clicking on your computer name. The computer name can show up on the shareit radar.
    Share Shareit QR code
  • Find the files that you want to transfer from your Android or iOS device. You can select any preferred document, video, app, or music. The options to transfer data are endless with shareit.
    connecting Shareit to PC
  • Click on the Send button to transfer your file instantly to the computer. It will wirelessly share the data over the WiFi network. 

Amazing! Now you can try this with any other device. Use this method to connect your favorite smartphone or computer to the PC. You can quickly transfer files among the two devices. 


Shareit is a fantastic platform for file sharing. It helps us to communicate with our devices easily. The platform is useful for people who want to share data amongst devices quickly. In this article, we covered different methods to download shareit for PC. We also learned how to use the software. Follow our guide to easily share your files, pictures, movies, and much more.

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