Netflix App for Mac & Windows 10 PC

Netflix app for PC is a must-have for people who want to stay entertained. Netflix is one of the biggest entertainment websites on the internet. It has one of the most rapidly growing user bases. The website has seen constant new shows and movies. You can find something or the other according to your taste on the site. 

Netflix App for PC

Users can stream to binge-watch their favorite TV shows with the Netflix app. The exclusives on the platform make the online subscription worth the money. Users get access to premium entertainment with the Netflix app. Today we will learn more about the Netflix app for Windows and Mac devices.

Netflix App for PC – How to Download Guide

Netflix is a popular streaming channel. Windows users are in for a treat with the official Netflix app. Windows 10 is taking software services to the next level. The Microsoft store has the Netflix app, which can help you watch TV shows and Movies. We recommend this software to all of our readers. Use this to get quality videos on your PC. The Netflix app will completely change the way you consume online entertainment. Here is our guide to download the Netflix app.

For Windows 10:

Start the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC. Users can visit the app download service using the start button. It is usually pinned to the start menu and the Taskbar on windows devices. 

  • Click on the search icon to find the Netflix app for PC. Users can quickly type in the name of the app to find it. Netflix is quite popular and will appear in the search results instantly. You can also find it under the best entertainment apps. Select the Netflix app to view the application page.
  • The Netflix app is free to install on windows devices. Users can click on the get button to start the download. You can visit – Click here to find the Netflix app download page directly.


  • Wait for the download to finish on your device. The Windows 10 apps are quite sophisticated. They get automatically installed in the background.


  • Once the download is completed, users can launch the application. It will help you to watch all of your favorite shows and movies. The app is quite fantastic and doesn’t take up much space on your device. Click on the launch button to start the app once it is installed.


Voila! Now you can enjoy the Netflix app on your Windows 10 devices. Start the app to enjoy shows in High Definition. Sign in to your account to enjoy the Netflix exclusives and classic entertainment. 

For Windows 7:

Windows 10 apps are not available on Windows 7,8,8.1 and lower versions. Users can enjoy the Netflix app using an Android emulator. For this tutorial, we are going to use the Nox media player. It is a brilliant android service which can run the latest apps and games. The software is compatible with most Windows devices. Running an application like Netflix will be a cakewalk for the Nox player. Here is our guide to download the app on PC. 

  • The Nox player can be downloaded using their official website. Click here to download the app. Install the app on your device with the file. It is only a few megabytes in download. It will take a few minutes to get the data on your computer.


  • Start the android emulator on your computer. You will be welcomed to the android home screen. Users can search for android apps with the app center. 


  • Use the app center feature to find the Netflix app. You can also download the application using the APK link. Click here to download the APK file of the media player app. Install the Netflix app directly from the google play store or the APK file. Nox supports both media formats.


The application will be available on the app home screen. Start the application and use it on your device effortlessly. You can sign in to your account quickly with the Netflix app. 

Netflix App for Mac Device:

Netflix doesn’t have an official app for macOS devices. Users can still enjoy the benefits of the application using an Android emulator. The android emulators can help to replicate the Netflix app experience on your macOS devices. The software enables you to run your favorite smartphone apps on a computer. In this guide, we are going to cover how to install the app using emulators on Mac. Our emulator of choice is bluestacks for mac. Follow the guide to run the Netflix app on Mac. Here are the steps to download and install the software. 

  • Start the browser on your macOS device. Click here to open the Bluestacks download page. Select the operating system as macOS while downloading the application. Copy the bluestacks DMG file to your Applications folder to install the app.


  • Start the bluestacks application on your macOS device. When you are starting the app for the first time, users need to sign in to their Google account. It is a necessary step to start using google play services on any android device. Enter your correct login credentials to begin using the bluestacks emulator.



  • Run the play store in the bluestacks application. Users can search for the Netflix for Android app here. It will offer a seamless streaming experience. It is quite amazing to experience Android streaming with bluestacks.


  • Click on the download button once you have found the Netflix application. It will install in the background automatically. Once the installation is finished, you will find it on your home screen of bluestacks.

netflix on bluestacks

  • Start the Netflix app for Android on your macOS device. You can sign in to your account to start streaming quality TV shows and movies. 

Now you can easily watch your favorite shows on the Netflix app with macOS devices. 


Netflix app is available for Windows and Mac devices. The app can be useful to watch your favorite shows in high quality. In this guide, we cover all the possible methods to get the app on a PC.

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