How to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards?

iTunes Gift cards are an effective way to get premium music from the store for free. iTunes is one of the most instantly recognized online stores. It is used by millions of Apple users around the world. Users can run it on Windows and macOS devices. The platform is helpful for people who love music. iTunes is available on all devices across all platforms. Music lovers can pair it with services like Apple Music to enjoy the premium services on their smartphones. The music on the platform can be quite expensive. Users can have a tough time collecting the amount on their devices. Today we will learn how to get free iTunes gift cards. 

Get Free iTunes Gift Cards

Different Methods to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards:

iTunes Gift Card

iTunes is a major online store that is available online. Users can utilize the services to get premium features. We recommend the platform to all of our readers. It can be challenging to get gift cards online. After all, iTunes is an expensive service with quality music. In this guide, we will cover the different methods to earn a gift card. It can take a little bit of time, but users can quickly get the ball rolling within a few days. There are many online websites and apps which can help you with gift cards. These platforms make it simple for you to earn money online. 

Using Surveys Earn Free iTunes Gift Cards:

There are many online get paid websites. It is one of the easiest ways to earn a free iTunes gift card. Here are our top picks in the genre.    

1. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars is an excellent online service that provides you with surprising ways to earn money. The platform makes it easy for users to redeem gift cards. You are paid a $5 sign up bonus as soon as you create a new account. New users can start earning instantly by completing a few surveys. There are other more exciting ways to make, as well. The platform supports users to earn through watching advertised videos. You can get paid while watching movies too. The website is the best way to get money when you are lazy. The platform does not have a points system. Users get the payment added in their balance directly. Submit surveys regularly to get paid daily. There are regular tasks on the platform for you to perform. You can also receive rewards by making sponsored purchases. The cashback system is beneficial for online shoppers.

2. Swagbucks


The Swagbucks website has changed the game for getting paid online. Users can effectively redeem their swag points for gift cards. iTunes is also a platform that is supported by the company. It is one of the most instantly recognized sites on the internet. Popular news media outlets like Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and many more accept the platform. The website is aimed at students who want to get some money to spend their time online.

Swagbucks provides daily tasks to users for their rewards. You can earn points on the website through various methods. The most common one is to complete surveys; however, there are others as well. You can get money back in your wallets by playing games, watching videos, and shopping online. Users can earn points for searching the internet through their search engine. High reward tasks are happening every day. We recommend our readers to sign up today.

3. Cinchbucks



Cinchbucks is a well known online platform to get gift cards. It is a legitimate website that offers users methods to earn money. Of course, you cannot receive a million dollars with the site. Cinchbucks offers you enough potential to get your first iTunes gift card for free. You can quickly start getting paid through the platform. 

It is a well-known platform to redeem gift cards. The website supports the popular Apple software of iTunes. Users can redeem $10 to $20 iTunes gift cards from the platform. You start getting rewarded in the website point system. Users can get paid for taking up surveys, playing games, and much more. The offer wall holds all the running website promos. You can work on the promos to get your points. The referral program is also quite surprising on the site.

Apps Methods:

Many online apps offer the same services. These tools enable you to get money through various means. The apps are a fun way to earn money on the go. You can use them on your phone to get paid. The applications work with significant iOS and Android devices. Here are the top picks that will help you get a free iTunes Gift Card. Follow our guide to start getting paid. 

1. SB Answer

SB Answer

SB Answer is an application version of Swagbucks. The platform is available on Android and iOS devices. The app is aimed at students so you can earn while traveling to class. Answer questions on the platform to get gift cards. Users can instantly redeem gift cards once they have reached the SB points they need. It is an effective method of increasing the user base by Swagbucks. Keep track of all the aspects and earnings in one place. It is a must-have app for people who are always on their phones. Now it pays to be on your phone all the time with SB Answer. We recommend all smartphone users to join the platform. 

Download For Android              Download For iOS

2. QuickThoughts


Quick thoughts are another app-based platform to earn free iTunes gift cards. Users can take surveys and share their feedback online to get paid. Answer a few questions about yourself to get your first dollar. There are daily new tasks and surveys. It is helpful for people all around the world. We recommend you to try the services of the website on your devices. The app also provides you cashback for sharing your bills online. Users can make up to $3 per paid survey.

There is a minor issue with the application. It is limited to only a few regions around the world. Download the app on your devices today. You can instantly redeem the earned money through an iTunes gift card. It supports other forms of payment as well. 

Download For Android              Download For iOS

How to redeem iTunes Gift Cards?

The process to redeem iTunes Gift Cards is quite easy. Follow the given steps to start using your money. 

  • Start the iTunes app on your PC or iOS device. Users can download the iTunes software from the given link.
    open itunes in newtab
  • Click on the Account option and then select redeem to start the process.
    itunes account settings
  • Log in to your Apple account to redeem the gift card balance. It will add the amount to your Apple account directly.
    login apple account
  • Enter the gift card code or the download code that you have received here. It will get directly added to your logged-in account.
    Redeem Code

Voila! Now you have successfully redeemed the hard-earned gift card. Purchase any content online through the iTunes store. You can buy movies, audiobooks, music and much more. 


iTunes is a renowned platform for sharing music. You can find the latest artists on the application. The iTunes gift cards can be quite expensive for users to purchase. With the guide, you can quickly get gift cards online.

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