How to Fix iPhone Camera Shaking?

The iPhone devices are immensely popular among the masses. A few methods are facing issues with the camera. The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone devices. Apple has done a tremendous job of creating a pinnacle of a machine. The camera app has been designed with the utmost care, but it is not perfect. Few iOS users have complained about the iPhone camera shaking error. It is a common issue that has plagued many devices around the world. It can tremendously reduce the quality of your pictures. Today we will talk about the Fix and learn more about this issue. 

How to Fix iPhone Camera from Shaking Issue?

iPhone devices have been out for more than a decade now. Apple used to make flawless devices, but recently they have hit a slump. The file format has completely changed the way we see images. The iPhone camera shaking issue has been familiar with iPhone 6,6s and seven devices. It is a common issue plaguing the great lineup of devices. Users can employ a few tricks to solve the problem. Many methods will keep this issue from happening again. Here is our guide to fixing the iPhone camera shaking issue. 

Exchange Repair Program:

The camera issue is quite prevalent in significant iOS devices. iPhone users are in luck because Apple has an exchange repair program. The official website addresses the issue and assures quality. Users can take advantage of the exchange repair service to get their devices fixed. It is a quick hack to get your iPhone fixed permanently. It is a must-have for people who are fed up with the camera shaking on their device. There can be a few manufacturing defects that might be causing this issue. The exchange repair program is your best bet to find a permanent solution. The repair program works for devices that were purchased within the last three years. It is a tremendous value that you can get out of your iOS devices. You can quickly check the eligibility of your device by entering your serial number. The serial number can be found at the back of your iPhone box. 

Clean Your Lenses:

A dirty lens can be the cause of all your problems. It can interfere with the camera interface on your device. If your camera lens is full of dirty particles, you can face a lot of issues. It is the most straightforward Fix that you can employ in any situation. A shaky camera can be because of the lens being blocked by dusty particles. They can blur your images and make the quality look dodgy. If your pictures are very blurry and the camera seems to be shaking, use this trick. Your lenses might be extremely dirty, and it can throw off the autofocus feature in your camera software. The best way to clean your glasses is with a microfiber cloth. It is recommended that you do not use any liquid cleaning agents. They can further ruin your camera. 

Restart Your iPhone:

Sometimes internal software issues might be causing you problems. Restarting your iPhone can be the best bet for you. It is the age-old hack that seems to solve all of our questions. A reboot helps your device to calibrate and refresh the processes. It can work out for old devices quite well. Yes, the Fix might seem cliche, but it can work wonders for many people. Sometimes iPhones need to clear their internal memory to function correctly. It is especially true for devices that lacked RAM. Your RAM is a necessity to get decent pictures. Restarting your iPhone can change the way your device works. It will make your device faster and more functional. This step can also solve your camera issues quickly. All you need to do is long-press your power button to restart your device. 


Hard Reset is the last string that you can pull to try things at your end. The iOS device can be easily reset without a computer. The latest iOS software can run the factory reset protocol within the phone, and it will wipe off all the data from your device. 

The native applications get reinstalled from scratch. It can help fix any internal software issues with the camera application. You should try this step if nothing seems to work. Users need to reset their cameras at least once to try and fix the shaking issues. The measures will completely erase all the data from your iPhone device. We recommend our readers to create a backup of their equipment before resetting it. Users can utilize the iTunes software to create a backup on their computer. It can be restored after the device has been completely reset to factory settings. 

Visit your system settings to factory reset your device. 

Change Your Case:

Sometimes the phone case can be the cause of all your problems. It is a good idea to keep changing your device case. It will help to keep the camera steady. Usually, the case of your device can cause issues to your device camera. Manufacturing defects in your phone case can interfere with the internal hardware. It is a good idea to invest in nonmetallic cases. Hard facts can give magnetic issues to your device. They can also cause problems with other features of your device. Opt for an iPhone case that does not block the camera. The Apple website has its official lineup of cases. Users can purchase them to get an authentic Apple iPhone experience. 

Camera Replacement:

iPhone devices can be quickly taken apart with a few professional tools. There are countless teardown videos on the internet. iFixit is a famous online brand that supports repairing your devices yourself. The business provides users with a professional iPhone teardown toolkit and the equipment necessary to improve. You can also find the tutorials to repair your device.

These can be quite helpful in restoring your device successfully. The youtube channel has all popular iPhone fixes. You can also find the camera replacement fix on their channel. 

Contact Support:

When all else seems to fail, it is ideal for connecting with apple support. The hardware team will be able to assist you well with the issue. They have a dedicated team of individuals who deliver high-quality support to users. The customer support team will completely change the way you use your iPhone. It is a good idea to connect with the team and consult them for possible fixes. In the USA you can call them using your phone. Just dial 1-800-275-2273 on your phone to receive instant customer support. You can also try the official Apple support application. 


The iPhone camera shaking issue is a common problem for many users. In this guide, we cover various methods to solve the issue. Follow our steps to fix the immersively annoying problems yourself quickly.  

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