How to Get Free Robux in 2021?

Roblox is one of the most popular free to play games on the internet. The game is especially popular among the young generation. Kids love the game because of its open nature. There are many different game modes for you to enjoy. The game developers earn revenue through the in-game currency called Robux. This can be purchased by users to make in-game purchases. Multiple paid expansions can be bought using this in-game currency. Today we will learn how to get free Robux.

The possibilities are endless within the game. In this article, we hope to cover all the possible methods. 

About Roblox – Introduction & Information

Roblox is a popular online free to play a multiplayer game. It is the first game that many new gamers try out. The free to play nature makes it quite appealing to the younger generation. The game was released in 2006 and has been a part of pop culture ever since. The Roblox game also comes with a creation engine. You can unleash your creativity and design levels. This is the best part of Roblox. Users can create any new game mode and share it with the entire Roblox community. It helps in keeping the game exciting and allows users to enjoy the multiple virtual worlds. 

The gaming platform is host to countless user-generated modes. It can be anything ranging from racing games to shooting games. Children who cannot spend money online download this game to get low-quality remakes of popular titles. As of 2021, the game has over 100 million active users regularly. The Roblox studio source engine is famous for its simple creation tools. Developers get paid as their level gets played by the users. Developers exchange the in-game Robux currency for real currency. 

Download Roblox:

The Roblox game is entirely open-source. It can be downloaded easily from its official website. The game is available on all platforms, including Windows, macOS, Xbox, Android, and iOS. Let’s have a look at the steps to download the app on your devices.

1. For PC (Windows and macOS)

On windows, you can download the application from the official website. The link for the same is – Once you visit this link, you can directly download the game from the site. Alternatively, on Windows devices, you can also download it from the windows official store. Below is the link for the official store download

Download Roblox

2. For Smartphones

The Roblox game is also available on iOS and Android platforms. You can easily download it on your smartphone devices by visiting the play store and app store. Here are the download links for the game. 

Download For iOS      Download For Android

3. For Xbox

The Roblox game is also available on your favorite console. The Xbox one device supports this world-renowned game. You can download it for free from the Microsoft games store. 

Here is the link for Xbox one download – 

What is Robux?

Robux is an unofficial in-game currency. They are a practical means of payment on the Roblox game. It is not absolutely necessary to have Robux in your account to play the game. It is just an added benefit to gaming. Using Robux, users can purchase in-game items like skins, weapons, maps, etc. It costs REAL money to get the Robux coins in your account. Robux is also useful for people who want private servers on the game. Outfits and other in-game purchases are available even without Robux, but it’s just harder to obtain them without it. 

Methods to Get Free Robux:

Robux helps you to get multiple different in-game items, which can be useful for you. They, however, cost real money to purchase. If you are low on cash, you should try these methods to get Robux. Here are the tried and tested solutions. 

Directly Through Roblox:

These methods are present within the game for users to earn Robux.

1. Sell Outfits

Users who are a member of the game can earn through their membership. Consumers are allowed to create and sell outfits on the match for Robux. You can earn a considerable profit percentage when you make sales through your Roblox account. This just adds up to the Robux in your account. Users have the option to convert this Robux into real money if they have accumulated enough. The outfits can include shirts, pants, hats, and much more. The Roblox store can be your best bet at turning a profit and getting Robux for free. Create your item of clothing and then add it to the official store. The more people who purchase it, the higher are your chances of getting paid.

2. Sell Access

The Roblox platform can be an excellent place to test your game development skills. Many new developers have had their first successful game here. The platform is quite easy to learn, and you can quickly get the hang of it. Selling game access is another way of earning Robux. This method will allow you to get paid for letting other people access your game. It is like an entrance fee for your private server game. Anyone can sell game access on the Roblox platform. New accounts, however, need to wait 30 days before they can start. The paid access games need to be of high quality. Users can charge anywhere from 25 Robux to a maximum of 1000 Robux for paid access.

3. Sell Game Passes

Game passes are another way of earning Robux. These passes give players special abilities within the game. You are ideally offering pay to win services. The unique skills can be anything from super-strength to immortality. The benefits are up to the game creator and pass generator. All of your game pass sales are received in Robux. These Robux can be redeemed after three days. 

Third-party options:

1. InboxDollars


Inbox dollars is a popular third party website for you to earn money. When you sign up for Inbox dollars, you instantly get $5 in your account. This can be redeemed for real cash through multiple sources. It is the right way for you to earn money and then spend on Robux. 

  • Link – 

2. Rblx

The website allows you to earn Robux through surveys. You can boost your earnings through referrals. Many YouTubers recommend this website. It is a prolonged process. Robux payout is available only after you have earned $5 worth of Robux. 

We would like to warn all of our readers that Robux generators are a scam. You should never use your account on a Robux generator. They will try to steal your private information and even sell data. We recommend that you stay away from such websites.


Robux is easy to use the in-game currency. Through our article, we hope to provide you all the necessary information. With this guide, hopefully, you were able to find methods to get free Robux on your account. 

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