Best Unblocked Music Sites 2021

Do you love to enjoy music? However, cannot enjoy music due to blocked music sites? Do not worry! We are here for you to fix your problem. We have enlisted a marvelous collection of unblocked music websites that are completely free to stream. Most of the schools and colleges unblocked these music sites. You can often see the educational institutes ban many music sites as it has multiple violent contents.

Best Unblocked Music Sites 2021

However, we are going to discuss a collection of unblocked music sites, which are simple to access and download. Moreover, you can get the most efficient music site, which is effective to play, and you can get customer reviews, which will surely help you to choose the best.

Different Unblocked Music Sites in 2021:

Here we include different features and functions of these unblocked music websites-

1. Google Music

Google Play Music

  • From the very beginning, this is Google’s product and thereby it remains unblocked by all colleges and schools or from any educational institutes.
  • You can easily access this music website, as it is the fastest and user-friendly music site.
  • They also offer you a free application version to increase your access. Hey, what you think are you comfortable using a web version? Then it is also ok because you can also listen to all albums and songs from this music site.
  • Moreover, it also facilitates a paid version along with the free version. You can use this paid version by a monthly subscription of $99.99. Now, you must have questioned what you can get from this. Then let us share with you that it will make you free from disturbing ads. Not only that! you can get more additional features from it.
  • However, we can say that the free version is more than sufficient to enjoy music.
  • One thing you need to remember that before all of these ensure you must have a Google account to access this music website.

2. Slacker


  • This music site will definitely make you flow with soft melodies and music. You can get millions of songs on over it, which is really compulsive and exciting.
  • Through this music site, you not only can get free music in albums, but it also provides you internet radio version.
  • Moreover, this website is genuinely effortless to access as it has a very easy manual to use. You need to go to their homepage and can get a number of free station music, albums to approach radio songs.
  • In fact, for your convenience, they serve you all the necessary music details where you can see the artist and genre of that particular music.
  • According to our listener’s feedback and review, Slacker Radio is one of the most familiar music stations among all. Undoubtedly, a huge team is giving its tremendous support to operate the live stream and serve both paid and free subscriptions.



  • This is one of the common names in India because it is considered a widely accessed Bollywood music provider.
  • However, this is not only bound in India, but it is explored all over the entire world.
  • This Reliance production music site is considered as an unblocked music site because it is unblocked by the firewalls and serves online radio songs.
  • Although, you need to remember that they serve most high-quality audio which really takes a lot of time in buffering. Therefore, you should use this with mi-level quality for your android devices.

4. SoundzaBound


  • We have discussed a number of music sites, which are unblocked in many workplaces, but now we will show you a unique music site, which is indirectly supported by the educational institutes.
  • This music site constitutes both for entertainment and work-related
  • You can have an extensive variety of free songs, which are classified as in every format genre, album, and artist.
  • This is not the end! Different website managers to use in education internationally support this music site. Do you know why they agreed all together? This is because you cannot find any illegal from it.
  • Hence, it is safe and secure to access. So what are you waiting for? Go and check out Soundzabound to listen to your favorite songs.

5. GrooveShark


  • This is one of the most famous music portals among a huge number, as it is free to sign up.
  • This is not only a headache-free from signing up the issue, but it also enables you different features, which is really fascinating.
  • One thing really increases its popularity as you can directly search any song from the search engine of this site. Therefore, it makes easy for you to listen to your preferred music.
  • This is not the end! You not only can listen from it, but you also can add this song into your library by downloading it.
  • Moreover, it is very easy to operate. What you need to do is just visit the site and enter the name of the song to enjoy it.

Most Effective Music Site:

We have mentioned a number of music websites in this list to help you in choosing the best-unblocked music websites. However, we know you will be a little bit confused to select your favorite one among the above numbers. What do you think? Obvious one does not worry! Hence, we also provide you one of the best among these. Hereby, we can say in terms of collection and popularity Google Music is the most effective one. As you can have a wide diversity of music from different languages. You also can download from it, however, there is no such radio platform.


We have recorded a review from the number of customers about their favorite unblocked music sites according to five stars format-

 Music Sites Collection of Songs Quality User Friendliness
Google Music  Three Stars/ Five Stars Four Stars/ Five Stars Five Stars/ Five Stars
SOUNDZABOUND  Two Stars/ Five Stars Three Stars/ Five Stars Three Stars/ Five Stars
SLACKER Three Stars/ Five Stars Two Three Stars/ Five Stars Three Stars/ Five Stars
GROOVESHARK Three Stars/ Five Stars Three Stars/ Five Stars Four Stars/ Five Stars
SAAVN Four Stars/ Five Stars Five Stars/ Five Stars Three Stars/ Five Stars


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q 1.) Is there any other unblocked music site?

Ans: Yes, definitely you also can go for Hungama, Accuradio and Tunein.

Q 2.) Which has the most diverse collection of music?

Ans: According to us, we can suggest you check out Google Music, Saavn and Slacker.

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