Rufus for Mac – Top 5 Best Alternatives

Are you a Mac user, willing to change your normal Pendrive into a bootable device? Then what’s the wait for! Come and install the Rufus alternative on your Mac device to turn up your USB drive to bootable. There are many Rufus alternatives available on today’s market with which you can make your USB drive bootable.

To know about the best Rufus alternatives for mac keep reading.

Best Rufus Alternatives for Mac:

So, before focusing on the best Rufus alternative, you should have an idea about Rufus and how it is used. Just like other free software available on Windows devices, Rufus being software for Windows is no exception! It is basically used to make a free bootable flash drive like USBs. With your drive, you can easily install Windows or conduct some other functions.

1. DishMaker X

Disk Maker X

DishMaker X is one of the best Rufus alternatives for Mac. DishMaker X lands up giving you a similar environment just like a real Rufus. Just like Rufus, this software also has the same features, and also the updates come on the same dates. The best edition of this software that you can use on your Mac device is the fifteenth edition, i.e., DishMaker X Mojave. No matter if you have an SD card or a USB, with this software you can easily write down an ISO image on these devices. It has the ability to find the installer program by using Spotlight and make your disk bootable. You can easily turn your normal USB to a bootable one with the help of this application. This software has great interference and makes your drive look good. If you are searching for a Rufus for your Mac device then this is a worthy alternative!

2. UNetbootin

Unet Bootin

UNetbootin, also known as Universal Netboot installer is the best alternative of Rufus for Mac users.  You can easily create a bootable device without spending any cost as it is a free application. It has the power of creating a Live bootable USB flash drive. To make a bootable USB, you just need to upload an ISO file or can select an ISO file that you wish to download and then wait to get your work done.  Like Rufus, it is very user-friendly and easy to use on Mac devices.

It also adds up some advantages when you are making a bootable USB drive with the help of this software. UNetbootin comes with inbuilt support for various distributions such as Fedora, Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, NetBSD, CentOS, Parted Magic and so on. If you wish, you can install extra distributions through a hard disk or an ISO image file. So, instead of wasting time in searching for other Rufus alternatives, use this software to make a bootable device easily.

3. Deepin Boot Maker


Deepin Boot Maker

Deepin Boot Maker is the free software for Mac devices launched by Deepin Technology Team. Its efficiency and Easy-To-Use interface rank it as one of the best alternatives of Rufus for Mac for making bootable devices. Unlike other Rufus alternatives and Rufus itself, Deepin Boot Maker occupies much less space on your RAM. It is designed to aid Deepin to install ISO. With the help of this software, you can easily burn up an ISO file into the USB flash drive.

You just need to select your ISO file, choose a drive and then you are ready to go! If you find your Pendrive is not working properly then this software can convert your Pendrive to a bootable flash USB device. You should be sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest available version of Deepin Boot Maker on your Mac device to relish a bug-free experience.

4. Multiboot USB

Are you searching for a stable as well as faster Rufus alternative for your Mac device? Then blindly go for Multiboot USB. This software is a free application for your Mac device. In fact, this software does not vary much compared to a Rufus as it does auto-mounting of your USB flash drive. It has almost the same interface and options just like Rufus. Multiboot USB is not only compatible with Mac devices but you can also use this software for your Windows and Linux devices. With this software, you can also mount-varieties of image file formats which include ISO and IMG.

You can even found many similarities with UNetbootin. If you are an UNetbootin user and want to try out another Rufus alternative, then you can easily opt for this software for your Mac device. With the use of this tool, you can easily create your bootable USB without removing any existing information or data. Using this, you get the advantage of uninstalling the installed operating system and can easily write down an ISO image to the disk. You should definitely give this software a try!

5. Etcher


Etcher is one of the best Rufus alternatives for Mac as it comes with a full-packed program that is easily available on almost all platforms. It gives aid to all kinds of images such as ISO, IMG, DMG, and so on. The interface of this free software is too straight-forward and easy to use. But compared to Rufus, it might disappoint you as it is a bit slow in flashing up images. The best and unique thing about Etcher is that it has a feature called Image Validation that confirms the system photo and ejectable drive before flashing.

This feature prevents you from writing on the corrupted USBs and saves your time. To make this software active on your Mac device, you just need to download and install this Etcher software. Then open it and select an IMG file that you wish to burn. After this, select the drive and wait for a few moments to get your work done. Though this software comes with limited features, it is sufficient enough to make your work done within a few minutes.

Final Words:

Overall, this is our list of the best Rufus alternatives for Mac that are available in the market. All of the above mentioned Rufus for Mac alternatives are great apps and software which you can consider to download in your apple phone or Macbook to experience a full bootable drive just like any other normal USB drive device. So get online and open the page to download your choice of Rufus for Mac alternative immediately!

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