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  1. A child entering school today will need the skills and technology that will be deployed approximately 15 years in the future. The key word in the previous statement is “future”. The concept that you can meld the future requirements of your students and your technological requirement today is a fatal mistake.

    Do you really believe that the Chrome Book will even exist 15 years from now? What are the prospects of a brilliant physicist proficient with a slide rule?

    As the power of PC’s increased they replaced workstations; the same workstations that replaced mini-computers that replaced mainframes. As the power of mobile devices increase, what are your thoughts on the prospects of the PC?

    Software development has always significantly trailed other technological innovation. Given that fact, my suggestion is for you to change your behavior: Don’t immediately upgrade to the new software release!

    My personal belief is that the Chrome Book is the next evolution of the PC melded with cutting-edge of cloud computing. As with all new software innovations, the good comes with unintended unknowns and consequences. Just as Sony and the thousands of others who have chosen to keep secret that problems.

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